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  Mayor Karachi demands stop of N.O.C for high building.  
  Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar said he is demanding the chief minister of Sindh and federal government to give water electricity in Karachi while on the other side multistory building construction is going on and for which N.O.C is also issued. In the light of chief minister this step mayor Karachi requested that multistory construction building is stop and give better infrastructure, solid waste management, transport and parking in these buildings in the city. He said sewerage and water pipelines are very bad and other infrastrucre of the city also not good. He requested chief minster to stop the N.O.C from the sindh control building authority and other organizations in Karachi and cancellation of these N.O.C. Mayor of Karachi said the infrastructure of the city will be destroyed and citizens life will affected if these are not stop. He said our fire brigade can not extinguish the fire in the multistory buildings in the city and this is not in this condition. Mayor Karachi said Supreme Court of Pakistan also commented on the solid waste management board in the Karachi. He said godam are constructed in the parking of the buildings in the city and parking is on the roads of the city. He said construction work stop because city infrastructure is not in this condition and citizens of Karachi in trouble due to this. He said Karachi has destroy in last eight years and the water, electricity, transport, cleaning and other things are due to multistory buildings making this more destroyed and bad in the city.  






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