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District in Karachi

Distruct Malir DistricT Central Distruct South District West District East District Korangi


District Malir

SR NO Area Information
 01 Bin Qaism Town Ibraheem Hyderi Uc-01
    Rehri Uc-02
    Cattle Colony Uc-03
    Quaidabad Uc-04
    Landhi Uc-05
    Gulshan-E-Hadeed Uc-06
02 Gadap Town Murad Memon Goth Uc-01
    Darsano Chana Uc-02
    Gadap Uc-03
    Gujro Uc-04
    Songal Uc-05
    Maymarabad Uc-06
    Yousuf Goth Uc-07
    Mangopir Uc-08
 03 Malir Town Model Colony Uc-01
    Kala Board Uc-02
    Saudabad Uc-03
    Khokarapar Uc-04
    Jafar-E-Tayyar Uc-05
    Gharibabad Uc-06
    Ghazi Brohi Goth Uc-07


District Central

SR NO Area / Town Information / Union Council
01 Gulberg Town Azizabad Uc-01
    Karimabad Uc-02
    Aisha Manzil Uc-03
    Ancholi Uc-04
    Nasirabad Uc-05
    Yaseenabad Uc-06
    Water Pump Uc-07
    Shafeeque Mill Colony Uc-08
02  Liaquatabad Town Rizvia Society Uc-01
    Firdos Colony Uc-02
    Super Market Uc-03
    Dak Khana Uc-04
    Qasiambad Uc-05
    Bandhani Colony Uc-06
    Sharifabad Uc-07
    Commercial Area Uc-08
    Mujahid Colony Uc-09
    Nazimabad No.01 Uc-10
    Abbasi Shaheed Uc-11
 03 North Karachi Town Kalyana Uc-01
    Sir Syed Uc-02
    Fatima Jinnah Colony Uc-03
    Godhra Uc-04
    Abu Zar Ghaffari Uc-05
    Hakeem Ahsan Uc-06
    Madina Colony Uc-07
    Faisal Uc-08
    Khameeso Goth Uc-09
    Mustufa Colony Uc-10
    Khawaja Ajmeer Nagri Uc-11
    Gulshan-e-Saeed Uc-12
    Shah Nawaz Bhutto Colony Uc-13
04  North Nazimabad Town Paposh Nagar Uc-01
    Pahar Ganj Uc-02
    Khando Goth Uc-03
    Haidery Uc-04
    Sakhi Hasan Uc-05
    Farooq-e-Azam Uc-06
    Nusrat Bhutto Colony Uc-07
    Shadman Town Uc-08
    Buffer Zone Uc-09
    Buffer zone-1 Uc-10


 District South

SR NO Area Information
01 Lyari Town Agra Taj Colony Uc-01
    Darya Abad Uc-02
    Nawabad Uc-03
    Khada Memon Society Uc-04 
    Baghdadi Uc-05
    Shah Baig Line Uc-06
    Behar Colony Uc-07
    Ragiwara Uc-08
    Singo Line Uc-09
    Chakiwara Uc-10
    Allama Iqbal Colony Uc-11
02 Saddar Town Old Haji Camp Uc-01
    Garden Uc-02
    Kharadar Uc-03
    City Railway Station Uc-04
    Nanak Wara Uc-05
    Gazdarabad Uc-06
    Millat Nagar/Islam Pura Uc-07
    Saddar Uc-08
    Civil Line Uc-09
    Clifton Uc-10
    Kehkashan Uc-11
03 Kemari Town Bhutta Village Uc-01
    Sultanabad Uc-02
    Kemari Uc-03
    Baba Bhit Uc-04
    Machar Colony Uc-05
    Maripur Uc-06
    Shershah Uc-07
    Gabo Pat Uc-08


District West

SR NO Area Information
01 Baldia Town Gulshan-E-Ghazi Uc-01
    Itahad Town Uc-02
    Islam Nagar Uc-03
    Nai Abbadi Uc-04
    Saeedabad Uc-05
    Muslim Mujahid Colony Uc-06
    Muhajir Camp Uc-07
    Rasheedabad Uc-08
 02 Orangi Town Mominabad Uc-01
    Haryana Colony Uc-02
    Hanifabad Uc-03
    Mohammad Nagar Uc-04
    Madina Colony Uc-05
    Ghaziabad Uc-06
    Chisti Nagar Uc-07
    Bilal Colony Uc-08
    Iqbal Baloch Colony Uc-09
    Ghabool Town Uc-10
    Data Nagar Uc-11
    Mujahidabad Uc-12
    Baloch Goth Uc-13
 03 Site Town Pak Colony Uc-01
    Old Golimar Uc-02
    Jahanabad Uc-03
    Metrovil Uc-04
    Pathan Colony Uc-05
    Frontier Colony Uc-06
    Banaras Colony Uc-07
    Qasba Colony Uc-08
    Islamia Colony Uc-09


District East

SR NO Area Information
01 Jamshed Town
Akhtar Colony Uc-01
    Manzoor Colony Uc-02
    Azam Basti Uc-03
    Chanesar Goth Uc-04
    Mehmoodabad Uc-05
    Pechs I Uc-6
    PechsII Uc-07
    Jut Line Uc-08
    Central Jacob Lines Uc-09
    Jamshed Quarter Uc-10
    Garden East Uc-11
    Soldier Bazar Uc-12
    Pakistan Quarters Uc-13
02  Gulshan Town  Delhi Mercentile Society Uc-01
     Civic Centre Uc-02
     P.I.B. Colony Uc-03
     Essa Nagri Uc-04
     Gulshan-E-Iqbal I Uc-05
     Gillani Railway Station Uc-06
     Shanti Nagar Uc-07
     Jamil Colony Uc-08
     Gulshan-E-Iqbal II Uc-09
     Pehlwan Goth Uc-10
     Metrovill Uc-11
     Gulzar-E-Hijri Uc-12
     Safoora Goth Uc-13



District Korangi

SR NO Area Information
 01  Korangi Town  Bilal Colony Uc-01
     Nasir Colony Uc-02
     Chakra Goth Uc-03
     Mustafa Taj Colony Uc-04
     100 Quarters Uc-05
     Gulzar Colony Uc-06
     Korangi Sector 33 Uc-07
     Zaman Town Uc-08
     Hasrat Mohani Colony Uc-09
 02  Landhi Town  Muzaffarabad Colony Uc-01
     Muslimabad Uc-02
     Daud Colony Uc-03
     Moinabad Uc-04
     Shirafi Goth Uc-05
     Bhutto Nagar Uc-06
     Khawaja Ajmer Nagri Uc-07
     Landhi Uc-O8
     Awami Colony Uc-09
     Burmi Colony Uc-10
     Korangi Uc-11
     Sherabad Uc-12
 03  Shah Faisal Town  Natha Khan Goth Uc-01
     Pak Sadat Colony Uc-02
     Drigue Colony Uc-03
     Reta Plot Uc-04
     Moria Goth Uc-05
     Rifah Aam Uc-06
     Al Falah Society Uc-07




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